dub overview:

dub is a personal design project that takes an applied criticism approach to the pit falls in the iPhone and mobile phone market. . Instead of blogging and discussing for hours on the ‘blog “o” sphere’. I decided to create a response in the language I know best, Product Design.

dub is a phone that builds on the architecture of facebook. By building on a existing ecosystem of connections. dub becomes a logical to keep in touch and connect with both your local and extended networks. .

Similar to how well the ipod integrated with itunes, simply music. dub just works with facebook, simply connecting people

The solution here isn’t the ‘phone’ its about connections.. dub creates a new lanuage for communicatoin that isn’t based on consumer insight, as Henry Ford said, “if i had asked what the public wanted, they would of said a faster horse.” (as opposed to a car). People don’t want a ‘faster mp3 player’, they crave a deeper connection to there friend, and future friend (strangers) around them.

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#### PDF Quick Overview (7mb) //[![dub overview](images/misc/duboverviewpdf.jpg)](PDF/dubquickview.pdf)