This was the project that started me on my product design process. Potential ATB is a new type of mountain board with an innovative truck and high grade snowboard construction deck.

Potentianl Concept:
Inspired by a Henry the hoover, potential ATB was a new design of truck on a very simple but never used before process.Read more about Potential ATB Concept.

Wooden Prototype:
Once my cheap straw and cardboard mock up was complete it was time for a full scale model to work out what the best angles were going to be for the board.

Read more about my gaffer tape protoype in development

Snowboard Development:
For a new truck, we had to design a new board. So the creation of a complete custom snowboard based consturction was developed.This thing was bomb prof.

Potential ATB:
Once complete the board is a great prototype and like many great projects this is just the begging. The fundermental are there but work will need to be done on the structural side of the board.See more sexy pics in the Product Page.