Who’s Ben Arent?

Ben is a product person, Internet is my medium.

Currently a product manager at Rackspace working on Exceptional and Airbrake.io

A 2008 graduate product designer from Middlesex University. This small site is dedicated to his design work, and design process.

Why did you make benarent.co.uk?

Founded in 2006 as my small piece of the Internet. It has been a place to share my design process, portfolio blog and ideas. Projects have been featured on Engadget, BusinessWeek

You can read my blog, view my ideas, read about ‘my’ process.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I’ve come back to revisit this question 5 years into the future. My past 5 years I’ve not updated my site. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience of co-founding a company, moving the San Francisco and getting acquired by Rackspace. I’m excited for the next 5 years.