My Portfolio covers a range of work from B2B SaaS Applications, Interaction Design Prototypes and some physical products I’ve worked on. As with all personal portfolios, it’s always a work in process. I have a more detailed PDF outlining project for recruiters and hiring managers.


Librato, AppOptics & Solarwinds Cloud
Librato, AppOptics & Solarwinds Cloud

Librato is a SaaS metrics platform for time series data. I joined five months after SolarWinds had acquired it. During this time the product had a few internal pivots and was eventually combined with another acquired product named Traceview. The resulting product is AppOptics, which is one of the four pillars of observability for the SolarWinds Cloud Product Suites.

As the second (non-founder) designer on the team, I helped build out the design org to five people and align initiatives to help grow and improve products.


  • Increased trail conversion by improving onboarding to increase conversion 3% points.
  • Build a design system to align five acquired products to align with core SolarWinds products.
  • Built out metrics and remote user studies of the application to guide product development
  • Built out internal documentation and product workflows to enable transparency within the design Org.
Librato, AppOptics & Solarwinds Cloud

After Rackspace acquired Exceptional, I helped transition a NoSQL Database Product (RedisToGo) to a new internal product team. We converged the suite of other developer tools to create a holistic solution for the Rackspace core customers.


  • Growing both established and new business within an 80k strong customer base. All managed under a suite of Dev Tools.
  • Managing a team of 12 developers along with marketing, support, and design.
  • Organised and hosted two developer conferences.
  • Helped re-spin out into a new entity during mid-2015 as Rackspace went private.
Founder and Head of Product - Exceptional
Founder and Head of Product - Exceptional

Exceptional started as an acquisition from a friends consultancy. Three of us ran and built out a suite of developer tools, eventually growing a small remote team and finally getting acquired by Rackspace to build out their developer tool vision.


  • Created a product playbook to turn around four flatline SaaS developer tools.
  • Support critical web applications relied on by over 60,000 developers during rapid company growth.
  • Sustained 14 month MRR+ growth, peaking at 12%.
  • Grew remote support, marketing and sales team.
  • Hosted 20+ User meetups all around the world.

Product and Interaction Design

Building Bridge
TRIL & Intel's Building Bridges software protoype

TRIL was a multidisciplinary research centre between three Irish Universities and Intel. I helped to create technologies that enable older adults to live independently. Working as an interaction designer to drive a user-centred design method finding the right design while allowing elderly users ease of use.

  • Multiple in-home rollouts of hardware interventions,
  • Ran multiple multidisciplinary design workshops.
  • Created a new workflow and data entry system for our partner hospital.
  • Supported Masters and PhD Students in paper writing and submissions.
  • Finished an “academic to entrepreneur” program at NovaUCD. The Universities Innovation Centre.

Betties a new Internet driven social communication product designed for older users. This project has been the longest and most in-depth to date. A research based dissertation informed the resulting product. The final product goes one step more than a concept, and is an actual tangible user interface which ‘really works’

Energy Tree
Energy Tree at TAG<> Exhibit in the Netherlands

Developed for Microsoft's StartSomthing PC Competition, the Energy tree is a all in one device to view energy use in the home, and improve the overall energy life-cycle. The Energy tree both monitors power consumption and recycling use, I believe that as the house of the future relies on more power we need to be more aware of our energy use. This is shown through the metaphor of a tree.

Discover more about the Energy Tree.

Lighting Design

Ardent Lighting
Ardent. Lighting for Resolute.

Ardent was a lighting range that I worked on for my industrial design placement. The initial design work was undertaken by Doug Varey, and Brent. I looked into environmental issues, and optimizing design for production.

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