My portfolio currently highlights work undertaken during my BA Product Design degree. Some of these projects were speculative, or undertaken as freelance. I now work as an Interaction Designer for TRIL with most projects in process or under an NDA.

I'm always looking to expand my portfolio, if you have any work please contact me.

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jive - social networking for your gran.

Jive a new Internet driven social communication product designed for older users. This project has been the longest and most in-depth to date. A research based dissertation informed the resulting product. The final product goes one step more than a concept, and is an actual tangible user interface which ‘really works’

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Product Design

Potential ATB

Potential ATB

This was the project that got me into Middlesex University to study Product Design, looking back on it I did a pretty good job. I didn't know about the whole process, yet I undertook it naturally as a keen rider in an underground sport. Potential ATB has its own unique truck system, and a Snow board construction snow board deck.  I plan to be working on this in the future, yet not sure if it will ever make it to the track. Discover more about Potential ATB.



It started with a presentation to a group of 40 eight year olds, then SuperToy got serious! This was a freelance project in collaboration with a teaching department at Middlesex university.  The toy was 'Designed by Kids, for Kids', we were to just make sure it could be produced. Discover more about SuperToy.


The Chameleon

 A project for the Dezac corporation, the Chameleon was as a result to have a free form expression and discovery into a new project. This was the most traditional and in-depth design project at the moment, The final Idea wasn't as strong as the concepts, yet it wasn't as innovative as I would of liked I believe there would still be a market place for it.

Lighting Design

Unto this last stealth lamp

Lights for 'Unto the Last'

This was a university project for a small furniture company in the trendy Brick lane area of London.  They have a very strong manifesto and they see there products as a Splime, I'm not so sure. But I did create some funky lights.

Discover more about Unto This Last.


Ardent. Lighting for Resolute.

Ardent was a lighting range that I worked on for my industrial design placement. The initial design work was undertaken by Doug Varey, and Brent. I looked into environmental issues, and optimizing design for production.

Discover more about Ardent.

Interaction Design


My entry for the 2008 Microsoft Next Gen PC competition. The design was thrown together super fast, and this is the reason for a short keyboard. The core concept is to use your tv as an ambient monitor and the Cuppa as a focused monitor. Discover more about the cuppa.

Energy Tree

Developed for Microsoft's StartSomthing PC Competition, the Energy tree is a all in one device to view energy use in the home, and improve the overall energy life-cycle. The Energy tree both monitors power consumption and recycling use, I believe that as the house of the future relies on more power we need to be more aware of our energy use. This is shown through the metaphor of a tree.

Discover more about the Energy Tree.


Developed for Microsoft's StartSomthing PC Competition, yet not accepted as a result of showing the GUI.  I believe that as a product designer that the UI is just as key as the hardware interface and the two things are becoming one. The LiveWallet looks at the traditional role of the wallet and brings the product into the 21st Century Discover more about the LiveWallet.

Footwear Design

Speedo Dragonfly

The Speedo dragonfly was a brief from Pentland Brand to design an eco sandal. Find out more about the Speedo Dragonfly

Web Design

This site was created for the final year students of Middlesex University Product Design 2008, The site was deployed along with two large London design shows, with the Middlesex Exhibtion being the highlight. Go to

I have been associated for SOBA for nearly 6 years, and have created many website’s. The current website is the best web site that I have created.  Its pure XHTML and CSS, and I believe it just has enough visual, content and design to make it a great working site. Go to