Akin to all of these Web 2.0 mash ups that get nothing really done. I have created a new section to envisage what would happen if two designers were to meet up and use there skills to create a super mash up of a product.

Meet the Designers:

**Ross Lovegrove. **

I first found out about Ross from TED Talks, This video really inspired me, and I’m even working on some designs based on his philiopsy. He dose lots of Organic but not Bloob design. He seeks nature as inspiration, along with being super crazy, he also seem super cool and down to earth geezer. I am a fan of his Magnesium injection molded chair.

**Jeremy Faludi **

This tree hugging crazy dude is like Ross, he is into saving the environment, and Is properly one of those people who shop at PCC markets. He has a great background in biomimicry . check out his website.

What would these Bad Ass Designers Make?

I feel with Jeremy’s knowledge of biosystems, and Ross’s eye for aesthetic they could both create some great product solutions that spand far beyond the limits of super sexy furniture.

Ross Lovegrove Chair