If you are comming from Treehugger, you can view a better overview of the energy tree in my portfolio. The bellow, is work that I would like to do on the interaction design for the 1 of the energy meters that will be in UK homes. </p>


After reading that every house in the [UK is going to get an energy meter.][1] I applied my design thinking and have come up with this quick solution. It isn’t as [‘out there’ as the Energy Tree,][2] but it uses exsiting system to create a device that used less energy. I would like to see the following > Standardization for new builds, A set of standards and standard meter. So various companies can build on an existing architecture. > Integration with devices, If it doesn’t need a interface don’t give it one. A great integration would be with be putting the user interface on a mobile phone, more than powerful enough to control and always with you display. > A easy way to adapt product device control. Such as home automation and being able to turn off devices. its good enough to see energy outcome, but BETTER if there is statistical analysis, and areas where you know what you can turn off. By using exsiting technologys such as you house hold router, mobile phone, TV and computer. The user can get a much richer user experaince. The question is, who would work on this? And How would they make there money.



[1]: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6550361.stm [2]: http://www.benarent.co.uk/portfolio/energy_tree/energytree.html