In a recent post at Logic and Emotion, he had apparently re-written ‘thought leadership’. He sees a world where the ideas are free to flow and it all become a very flat business model.

My problems with this are, its has already be done there is currently being utilized by Nathan Myhrvold. He gets a bunch of ‘expects’, gathers all of there ideas for any crazy scheme in a mass brain storm. Then (after not paying them) will patent there ideas, make the product, and then sell it back to them. There are many articles and great podcast from Business Week Cover Stories, ‘Grandfather of Innovation’ .</a>

although I am all for the forwarding of humanity, I don’t believe that we should comoderdized ideas, and take a new invention or idea for granted. Why do we so under value ideas, but we will pay thousand of dollars on those new ideas (as products).

I blog this as I’m currently working on a open source, community added, peir reviewed product. The ‘product’ will be a real consumer product but will use modern design thinking and leverage to get to really know my customer and market.