Sketching User Experiences

After spending a couple days on a train I got the chance to read my latest design book. Book Review. Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design. By Bill Buxton. This book is a deep look at a product design techniquie, but in the lanuage for technical software / user interface designers.  The first half of the book is all about sketching, and covers some product design history. He talks though this by showing mountain bike, and orange juice case studys.  The 2nd part of the book (pages 234 and after) is all about diffent technics that we can us to create sketches using new technology.

This book is a very easy read, with 6 page bibliography and allows for lots of potential follow up reading, on many sections.  I would recommend this book to very one!

[Read businessweek review for more information. ][1]

[Bill Buxtons website.][2]