SEED DATING is a fast-paced event designed to spark off creative connections and allow people to share and develop ideas for innovative projects in arts, science, technology and media.



SEED dating was yet another great event put on during the Lightwave exhibition of the Science Gallery.   The event meant meeting 10 different ‘luminares’ from a wide range of fields. Architects & Designers to Neuroscientists and Mathematician.  

You get three minutes to introduce, brainstorm and come up with an idea.  I found three minutes a bit short but after a couple of introductions we just got onto ideas. There appeared to be two types of people, ones with ideas, and people who wanted to help facilitate your idea. 

I found that most people struggled to get a lot of strong ideas. Some people already had the idea and weren’t even too keen to discuss any other idea.  It was easier with artists and fellow designers who are use to having lot of ideas and are happy to throw ideas away.  

The one highlight was that I was one of the winners along with David Shulman, we got free lunch at the Science cafe to help develop our ‘gestural user interface for consumer lighting’.