This is a second update.. I’m aware that things around here have been pretty quite for a while.  I have a bunch of content that i’m looking to update on the site.

I’m planning to make the blog more focused on Interaction Design.  I’m currently doing a lot of work that covers a broad range of interaction design issues.

Most of my current work has a certain amount of IP. Although at TRIL I’m currently working on..

  • Designing a design process for the TRIL environment.  TRIL is unique because product creation is closely linked to academic research. You may see this written into a paper soon.
  • Developing an interactive product using Flash (Actionscript 3) and External interface to interact with a C app.
  • Doing data logging with the products I create.  I can’t say too much, but its getting some interesting feedback on product usage.
  • Organizing and working with ethnographers to help develop the TRIL future.
  • Working with Lawyers to help find lucrative iP in products that we create.

So I plan in the coming months, I plan to

  • Update the existing content.
  • Back post some news that has happened.
  • Focus primarily on IP-Free case studies from work.
  • Post small AS3 code snippets,
  • … and generally give back to the interaction design community.

I would also like to thank all the visitors to the site.. I’m busy to update and fix all of my design conent.