Materials and Design Center

On the 17th of October 2007, I visited M.A.D.E. The Materials and Design Exchange. Its a physical resource library with around 200 different materials to touch, feel and investigate.  By being able to hands on with material allows me as a designer to have a real feel for what the product could be and the limits of the material. If your in London I would recommend checking it out. You need to register via the website, and e-mail in advance to let them know your visiting, but its all FREE!

The guys and gals at the materials institute seemed more than welcome to have any question thrown at them. The more challenging the better for them. I hope to be working closely with the “material people” in the future.



Reading MADE, the magazine from the inssuite. While we wait until we are shown where the materials resource center is.



D30. Shock absorbend material. In putty and padding form.


 A two part injection molding.

Carbon Nose Conde

A super-light carbon nose cone. From a F1 Car.

Woven Material

There is a huge arrange of synthetic and natural materials available.