After finding out that a potential student wanted to come to Middlesex University as a result of my website. I thought that I had better update some things.

I have now finished my product design dissertation, and am now just focusing on my final design project. My brief is looking to address the needs of older adults though social communication. I have been creating a lot of Bill Buxton style experience prototypes, and using my dissertation as a guideline to turn my late majority into early adopters.

I plan to be updating my ‘about my uni : Middlesex’ as this is just a little out of date, and it getting just a little too much attention! Middlesex are trying to create a better online presence, and I’m working with lectures to create a better ‘online’ brand. But working with large academic institutions is a little slow… (especially with SEO).  If you want to see some of the new facility’s check out the my Flickr Middlesex University Feed.

I’m also part of the crack marketing team for the graduating students. Everything is still being filled out, but keep an eye on, and the PDEMarket at the Trueman brewery on the 5 – 9 th of June.

Middlesex University Product Design