On the 2nd December I was able to see Alan Dix a part of SIGCHI’s inaugural lecture. Anthony co-owns Dunne and Raby and also lectures at the RCA .  Anthony presented the work of the RCA and various scientific projects.

Antony Dunne

Anthony Dunne

Anthony presented his talk “Fictional Functions and Functional Fictions. “.   The talk was about using design to help guide scientists work.  His talk was very similar to the talk at the Innovation Forum.  

Anthony Dunne // Dunne & Raby from Innovationsforum on Vimeo.

Afterwards Anthony opened the floor for questions. I asked him what he thought about the rescission and the possible shift to Asia. He gave me a rather coi answer that almost implied that Asian nations are still in an industrial age and therefore have trouble to think practically about these future problems.  In some respects I agree with him, for example the Japense air bag to falls prevention, in contrast to the more practical work of TRIL.

Afterwards I asked Tony about his ethnographic work, and a more formal ‘user centred design’ process. He said that he dose do this, but leaves this out of the presentation as other projects can be exciting to present.  In comment to my work at TRIL, he pointed out that he helped develop Cultural Probes along with Bill Gaver for a project to assist the elderly.

I shall be keeping a close eye on Anthony, and would think about doing a masters at the RCA

Tony / Anthony.. if you find this.. please leave a comment on my work. You may be interested in the EnergyTree concept?