I got this e-mail though today and wanted to let all wannabe Product design superstars of a TV opertunity. I only have limited details with the official blurb being…

“Internationally renowned designer Philippe Starck will be heading up a specially created School of Design in Paris. And he’s looking for untapped design talent in the UK to be his first students.

Ten aspiring designers with the talent, drive and vision to create the next ‘must have’ products of the 21st Century will be given the unique opportunity to learn and work alongside Starck and his team over a period of several months. At the end of it, one person will continue on for a six-month placement.
And BBC2 will be there for this exciting and original new series, Philippe Starck’s School of Design. To register your interest please e mail your contact details to schoolofdesign@twofour.co.uk you will then be sent details of how to apply for this exciting opportunity within the next 30 days.”

I guess it will be similar to project runway + the apprentice. I think its a great idea for a show, but I hope they focus on the process and not the designers.