After watching the new eco-program on Channel 4. I noticed that there is a apartnet problem with consumers recylcing habits. This program also highlighted the problem of recycling in the UK, and this is the complete lack of caring / putting in the effort.

In the coming weeks I hope to design a better recycling bin to make this process a lot easier. I hope to build on my EnergyTree project, and will also look into SocialCollecting, to create closer links with neiherbours and statiscal anaylsis of the worse offening non-recylcing streets.

Watch this Space!

energyTree Substainable Recylcing

Collector makes use of the community spirit in today’s web 2.0 online societies. The system will be online, and accessed via the touch screen of the EnergyTree. The collector is there to encourage people to recycle and take recycling to the depot to be processed. Once at the depot the collector will get extra green points. Although every person could take there own Re-Tree Bins, not everyone will want to and not every local government can afford to collect and sort the recycling as effective as lots of dedicated collectors.