Problem context :

We are currently bombarded with multiple RSS, Mini Feeds and E-mail every half second of every day. With services such as Yahoo Pipes, and social networking services like Digg, we are able to filter out most of the noise, but the problem still exists of what is the best way to view and interact with all of this content. I also do not want to have to close my applications to load my “windows sidebar RSS reader” to check on my RSS, I want the information to be ambient, and easy to interact with.

Proposed Solution :

I propose Reel Display. Reel is a new external display, which allow for streams of data to be constantly updated, and viewed in an ambient manor.

Reel uses a conveyer belt loop of re-printable paper (Similar to a white board), Reel prints to this display using a “cradle to cradle” reusable ink. When the story reaches the end of the roll, the news print is recycled.

For interaction a user can use a whiteboard marker which will be read by an OCR on the back of the display. This will allow users to “star” stories and get more information from the reel.


This is one of my concepts for the CrowdSpirit Project. They will be going out of BETA in two weeks.