• Are Designers The Enemy Of Good Design?

    In a recent a response to Bruce’s blog I was going to post a comment, but have had problems with the 1000 character limit. So I have decided to put the response into my blog. The questions Bruce asks is … Are Designers The Enemy Of Good Design? So what should I say? How should I say it? And what should be done about it? I believe Bruce is right in saying ‘designers are the enemy of good design?’ I have witnessed that a lot of designers against design at both work (on my internship at Resolute) and during my...

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  • Life as an Intern.

    What life is like as an intern, and whats it like to live in America. Cultrual differances and other fun stuff.

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  • Cradle to Cradle : Book Review

    I would recommend this book to any Design Student. This is one of those books that has change my perception of product design. It teaches us about abudence, there is a life for a Eco-Product Designer. We are no longer the Designers making for landfill. As a undergraduatte product designer it can be a worry to think about the future of our enviroment and what the result of the products we make. This book utlines a new design process that will not ‘make less bad products’ but we will make products that will create a better effect onto our enviroment....

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