• jive – social networking for your gran.

    Finally after 6 long months I have finally gone public with my product design project. I have created a new social communication device that has been designed to make staying in touch with your friends and family simpler. You can view my jive mini site at

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  • 2008 Summer Update. Coming Soon.

    Just a quick post to let everyone know that the website shall be being updated in the coming weeks. I have just finished my degree, and I’m in the process of creating a showcase mini-site for my final year project. This shall be hosted on this site. I can’t say much about the project as I’m currently applying for a couple of patents. Until then you can see a teaser about my exhibition at I have a lot of posts that I would like to get on-line, I have a whole bunch of content to upload to the bog,...

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  • EnergyTree opening at TAG<>.

    I want to thank all of the great people at <>TAG, I had a great time showing my new products in the exhibition. The opening night was on Saturday and we had a short opening cermoney in which I introduced the tree. I was unable to make the ceramic containers that I wanted to, but my hacked muji containers which seemed to work very well. While there I got to meet some other great Artists, including Tiffany, (Exhibiting a environment promise, which in turn plants a virtual tree, and changes a dynamic image) Mike, (eco – firefox plug-in) and Beatriz...

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  • Using Phidget Sensors to trigger an animation in as3.

      After recently purchasing a Phidget 8/8/8 Interface kit I started to have some problem using these sensors to drive a flash as3 animation. The Phidget as3 examples are useful but don’t really give ‘real’ world examples for starting to use sensors to drive a flash animation. The solution was to create my own event handerler, this event handler is called in the onSensorChangeFunction, which triggers when there is a onSensorChange Event. You can download my a3 phidget slider example Phidget Magnet Example . import com.phidgets.*;<br /> import*;<br /> import caurina.transitions.*; var phid:PhidgetInterfaceKit; phid = new PhidgetInterfaceKit(); phid.addEventListener(PhidgetEvent.CONNECT,onConnect); phid.addEventListener(PhidgetEvent.DISCONNECT,...

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  • EnergyTree to be exhibited at <>TAG – March 22nd to the 2nd of May.

    I shall be exhibiting the EnergyTree at an EcoAesthetics exhibition at a galley called <>TAG its based in the Neterlands and the exhibition will be running for 2 months. I shall be going out on the 22nd for the opening ceremony. This shall be my first time exhibiting, and its great to start on an international stage. Watch this space for lots of exciting updates.  

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  • Vote for Cuppa. The social living room UMPC.

    I have just found out that I’m a finalist for the Next Gen PC design competition.  This year I created a laptop type device that can use TV’s as a ambient monitor, and use the cuppa as a more focused monitor.  I don’t know if I’m the a ‘winner’ yet, but if you like it, please send me public v

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  • How to turn sketchs into quailty line drawings.

    In this quick how-to, I will go over how I turn hand drawn product design sketches into high quality line drawings. Below isn’t the best of my drawing skills, (its a range of thumbnail concepts, but we are focusing on the scan.)   Jump in to find out !   Step 1. Get the Right Pencil! Getting the right pencil is vital. My number one tip is use a COLOUR pencil, not a graphite pencil! The reason for this is because graphite easy smudges. Plus color pencils give a much better range of color, (from light to dark). At the...

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  • MADE. Material and Design Exchange

    I received a copy of the first MADE magazine today, Its a great magazine from the guys at London Materials and Design Exchange. Its around 60 pages and has some really great graphic design. It has a range of short articles all about how companys are using materials to create better products, architecture and everything in between. The magazine is free to all members of the Material and Design Exchange network and is being published 3 times a year. I guess that means if you want one you need to join,

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  • Design Sketching – Inspiring sketches from the Umea.

    I have had this book over two years now, and would highly recommend it. Design Sketching is a extensive selection of inspiring sketches by 24 students at the Umea Institue of Design. The book has been compiled by Erik Olofsson and Klara Sjolen. Although you can only buy this book from the . On a side note, Erik Olofsson one of the editors has also released a new book. Called Sketching (12th printing): Drawing Techniques for Product Designers . I havn’t got my hands on it yet but it look like these are the sort of books product designers...

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  • Middlesex University Product Design

    After finding out that a potential student wanted to come to Middlesex University as a result of my website. I thought that I had better update some things. I have now finished my product design dissertation, and am now just focusing on my final design project. My brief is looking to address the needs of older adults though social communication. I have been creating a lot of Bill Buxton style experience prototypes, and using my dissertation as a guideline to turn my late majority into early adopters. I plan to be updating my ‘about my uni : Middlesex’ as this...

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