• Summer site update.

    There is some existing stuff that I’m currently working on, a product called ‘the dub’, and various other design projects. I’m currently migrating this site to a new web host that will allow me run more video and allow for larger files on this site. I will be trying to update the blog with a ‘usfull’ post once a month. There will be a ‘services for hire’ section on my website that will allow anyone to give me some freelance love. UPDATE: Site is now on new Server. benarent is now on Dreamhost. This will mean that I will be...

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  • Engadget, Treehugger, CNet, SciFiChannel…. Bring on the PR

    Hey, Just a quick thank you, for checking out my site. Its been very interesting to the linking work. It started when I finally updated my Corfolot Portfolio, which  in 3 days was linked by various design sites, then linked by Engadget. Which is amazing for me! As a avaid Engadget reader. I would like to appolgise, for the lack of content and bad grammer on the site. It isn’t in its finsihed state. I am working on lot of new design projects at the moment and will be constantly updating my site. I’m currently seeking a company to sponser...

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  • How to become a product designer.

    I recently found that I was getting Google Hits trying to find out how to become a product designer (Typ-Os Can be great in SEO). After looking online, I saw that there isn’t really much advice out there for Students for what you have to do to become a Product Designer. I will try to summarize what I know in this post. Step 1: Are you sure you want to design products? I currently find that most BA Product Design students drop out of the first year of the degree because of the assumption that design is ‘an easy’ degree....

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  • Energy Tree 2.0

      If you are comming from Treehugger, you can view a better overview of the energy tree in my portfolio. The bellow, is work that I would like to do on the interaction design for the 1 of the energy meters that will be in UK homes. </p> After reading that every house in the [UK is going to get an energy meter.][1] I applied my design thinking and have come up with this quick solution. It isn’t as [‘out there’ as the Energy Tree,][2] but it uses exsiting system to create a device that used less energy. I would...

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  • Thought Leadership & Patent Trolls.

    In a recent post at Logic and Emotion, he had apparently re-written ‘thought leadership’. He sees a world where the ideas are free to flow and it all become a very flat business model. My problems with this are, its has already be done there is currently being utilized by Nathan Myhrvold. He gets a bunch of ‘expects’, gathers all of there ideas for any crazy scheme in a mass brain storm. Then (after not paying them) will patent there ideas, make the product, and then sell it back to them. There are many articles and great podcast from Business...

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  • 45 Min Free Patent Advice.

    I stumbled onto this today, its a firm in England that gives 45 min free with layers to talk about patents and contracts. Own It offers **free intellectual property advice **for London’s creative people. Within your business or your practice, you’ve probably created a wealth of in-house ideas, designs, music, writing, images – in short, ‘intellectual property’ – which can make you extra money, as long as you give it the proper legal protection. Own It will show you how.  

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  • Design Podcast List

    Here is a list of the product design podcast list I will be updating it. Updated Monthly. Icon-o-Cast: A podcast by Lunar Design A podcast from a San Francisco design firm. Design Critique: Products for People Tim and Toms design excellent podcast reviewing usability of random products. Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) Podcast A good selection of interviews of people in the American design industry, although it can draw on for a while. One Off. South by Southwest Festival 2007 A collection of podcasts by the SXSW festival, there are some great ones by Bruce...

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  • Innovate with Elastic Design Competition. : Work in Development

    This is some work that I’m working on for Seat ability Design Compertiton, I don’t know how much work I will do further than this. I might do a CAD drawing and Place the work in. But working on lots more exciting stuff at the moment. Comments Welcome.

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  • Solution for Tim & Tom: Rice Cookers

    In a reply to Tim and Toms Excellent podcast ‘Design Critique: Products for People’ I have decided create a ‘soloution’ to some of the problems that they encountered within there use of the products. Rice Cooker 1: This first solution is solving the problem of cooking rice for one. (or two). I have added a bit of my own ID imagination and created a circular device that spins around to keep the rice always moving. This will heat all of the rice and will mean that no rice will stick to the bottom of the pan. Once complete the cooker...

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  • Designer MashUp. Jeremy Faludi & Ross Lovegrove

    Akin to all of these Web 2.0 mash ups that get nothing really done. I have created a new section to envisage what would happen if two designers were to meet up and use there skills to create a super mash up of a product. Meet the Designers: **Ross Lovegrove. ** I first found out about Ross from TED Talks, This video really inspired me, and I’m even working on some designs based on his philiopsy. He dose lots of Organic but not Bloob design. He seeks nature as inspiration, along with being super crazy, he also seem super cool...

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