Unto This Last Overview

“Unto This Last” are a furniture and lighitng manufacurter based in the trendy brick lane distrcik of london. For my first semester of my 2nd year, my class worked with the company to explore potentail and new products for there range. The company is very interssting and Olliver (the CEO), see his method of manufacturing more like a Splime.

All of production is complete in a JIT method of production. This vision of splimes and JIT manufacitng is made possible by using plyboard and a CNC Router.

The Brief: We had a open breif and were just told to explore possiblty with this form of manufacting, price and speed of production were also very important.

The Solution: On the following pages you will be able to see how I reached the final ‘Stealth Light’, You will also be able to download this light, which can be repoduced on a Lazer cutter using White Polyproplene.

The Brick Lane Store.

Inside the Brick Lane store

The final outcome

Read about my Concept Process