Unto This Last Development

Take away lamp. Rev 1

This was my first prototype for a takeaway lamp, it was designed to be a cheap product that could be quickly brought and taken out of the shop as is. The problem with this first prototype was that the polypropylene was too thin to be used in the manor designed.

Take away lamp. Rev 2

This was the 2nd revision of the take away lamp. It is based on the packaging of a Chinese takeaway package. Although this was a sturdier product the design wasn’t able to be CNC routed.

Emergency Lampshade.

The Emergency lampshade was based on the packaging of a normal light bulb. This problem failed in development as the polypropylene would heat and expand. This was both a first hazard and meant the shade only kept on the light for 5 min.

Stealth Lamp

Stealth lamp went thought a lot of design development and this was the best design for production. The lamp shade is supported by a UK standard light fitting.