• 1994 Apple Concept. Tangerine.

    After reviewing the internet’s and hearing Clive Grinyers podcast at InterSections 2007 InterSections 2007. I have never seen this concept before, even within Bill Buxtons apple overview from “Designing interactions”. Clive only has a short introduction about this concept. “tangerine’s first project for Apple, where Jonathan Ive began to make his mark. This was one of three concepts based on different types of mobile working. Workspace was for intense, static activity with high feature levels and the ergo “Harley Davidson” keyboard.” Its an interesting object, and would be great to see a Harley Davidson keyboard in the next iPhone. The...

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  • Print you own Christmas Wrapping Paper.

    To finish of my Christmas Presents I decided not to give into the £1 generic Christmas wrapping paper and decided to make my own. For this you will need. A Printer (I use a R1800, as It allows me to print A3, and a roll of A3 (effectively double the width of A3). A sketch of something Christmas, I drew a rather odd looking snowflake. Photoshop. Some blank newspaper, I picked mine up from the London Graphic Center. It cost 20p for a A1 Sheet, in which I cut into half. Continue to find out more and download my wrapping...

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  • Older Adults Technology related social interaction.

    I’m now working on my final year project. We were allowed to create our own brief. I wanted to work on a project that would be very Web 2.0, and would allow me use a whole bunch of new interaction design methodology. I decided to pick the 60+ crowd to design a product to encourage social interaction. I think this project is going to be really challenging and I can’t wait. Watch the blog for lots of updates! Watch 5min Presentation </br> View and download my slideshow from SlideShare. [slideshare id=204403&doc=design-breif-for-closing-the-digitial-divide-in-the-eldery-119773958779788-5&w=425]

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  • Download and Laser Cut your own Christmas Decorations. (Use 3mm material)

    Hey Web visitor! I have uploaded my own crimbo tree and reindeer designs for all you people to have. I have 3 different type of Christmas trees, and my own ‘wonkey’ and cute reindeer. The legs may need a little bit of reinforcement, but mine are standing fine. I got this idea from the overpriced MUJI reindeer and trees, these are selling at £4 – £8 each! I’m going to be uploading some similar more angular reighdeer soon, and even making a 4ft CNC routerd crimbo tree. Watch this space… but until the end of the week you can get...

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  • M.A.D.E Materials and Design Exchange.

    On the 17th of October 2007, I visited M.A.D.E. The Materials and Design Exchange. Its a physical resource library with around 200 different materials to touch, feel and investigate.  By being able to hands on with material allows me as a designer to have a real feel for what the product could be and the limits of the material. If your in London I would recommend checking it out. You need to register via the website, and e-mail in advance to let them know your visiting, but its all FREE! The guys and gals at the materials institute seemed more...

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  • Hidden Pleasures in Products- My Dissertation Title.

    DISCOVRING HIDDEN PLEASURES IN TECHNOLGOY RELATEDRODUCTS. An ethnographic study investigating ‘late majorities’ experiences and interactions, with technology-related products in relation to Lionel Tigers framework of pleasure. I have been working on my dissertation, and have left my theme and topic quite open. I have attached my PDF submission. Watch this space for insights into my ethnography. The full 3 page dissertation proposal submission.

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  • A Sandal for one of Pentlands Brands.

    Our first project for my 4th year is to create a new sandal for Pentland Brand. We had a briefing from Pentalnd to create an eco-street uni sex sandal. The brief was really left open, I started my research by investigating into the existing market, new materials and current market trends. Pentland: Overview of Sandals and the footware market.    

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  • Facebook dub. On CrowdSpirit.

    The facebook dub, a personal design project, has been selected for further development on the CrowdSpirit Platform.  The product has made it to the Market Place, for further development of the idea. Keep an Eye on the website for more information on its development.

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  • Channel 4. Dumped. A solution to the recycling problem.

    After watching the new eco-program on Channel 4. I noticed that there is a apartnet problem with consumers recylcing habits. This program also highlighted the problem of recycling in the UK, and this is the complete lack of caring / putting in the effort. In the coming weeks I hope to design a better recycling bin to make this process a lot easier. I hope to build on my EnergyTree project, and will also look into SocialCollecting, to create closer links with neiherbours and statiscal anaylsis of the worse offening non-recylcing streets. Watch this Space! Collector Collector makes use of...

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  • Reel Display.

    Problem context : We are currently bombarded with multiple RSS, Mini Feeds and E-mail every half second of every day. With services such as Yahoo Pipes, and social networking services like Digg, we are able to filter out most of the noise, but the problem still exists of what is the best way to view and interact with all of this content. I also do not want to have to close my applications to load my “windows sidebar RSS reader” to check on my RSS, I want the information to be ambient, and easy to interact with. Proposed Solution :...

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