• Reel Display.

    Problem context : We are currently bombarded with multiple RSS, Mini Feeds and E-mail every half second of every day. With services such as Yahoo Pipes, and social networking services like Digg, we are able to filter out most of the noise, but the problem still exists of what is the best way to view and interact with all of this content. I also do not want to have to close my applications to load my “windows sidebar RSS reader” to check on my RSS, I want the information to be ambient, and easy to interact with. Proposed Solution :...

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  • a level product design.

    When picking your A Levels there are many choices and many different options to pick. When I was doing my A-Levels I picked 4 A-levels. Product Design was my favorite of the subject and I would like to give an example of my A Level work. What happens during my aqa as product design? During your first year of your course you will notice a big step up from GCSE product design. The course will be broken down into 3 sections Materials and Components. Design and Market Influences. Processes and Manufacture. You will not be taught these on there own...

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  • Well Done, Mike (Michael Chen)

    Mike was a 3rd year Middlesex Product Design Student. I only took a few classes with mike, but want to wish him the best of luck with his product release. 2008 Update - I have had a lot of web traffic looking for Mike. If you want to get in touch with him contact. Michael Hsin Yu Chen 07727293150 (Good luck. Mike)

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  • design and emotion. Book Round Up.

    “How do we deliberately add more emotional qualities into the products we design?”. First i would recommend reading Donald Normans “Emotioanl Design”, this is a very easy read an a good introduciton to the subject. I don’t really belive in all of Mr. Normans views, and thing “the design of future things should be more interssting”. The other book i would recommend is Design and EmotionDesign and Emotion</a>, from the 3rd 2002 design and emotion conferance. It may be 5 years old, but the book contains papers all based on emotional design. Split into subsections, which are Generative tools, Evauative...

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  • Lets Start Interaction Design. Phidget Kit. (uk)

    Phidget Starter Kit #1 PhidgetInterfaceKit Package #1 – A PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 with an assortment of sensors:   Touch Sensor Force Sensor Slider Sensor Light Sensor Rotation Sensor 8 Switches 32 LEDs (5 ultra bright, 3 bi-colour) Supplied with 6 Volt, 1.5 Amp UK power supply and a 6’ USB Cable. PhidgetRFID Kit – for reading RFID tags. Comes with: 6 30mm disc RFID Tags 2 Credit card sized RFID Tags 2 Keyfob RFID Tags USB cable PhidgetServo 1-Motor Kit – for controlling a single servo motor. Packaged with everything you need to get started Servo Motor USB Cable I found...

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  • Chinese Industial Design Site.

    On my bouncing around the internet I found this VisoinUnion. They posted my energy Tree, It is only avaible in chinese but you can translate it in Google. I came across some great resource [for design sketching.][1] I highly recommend this book.

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  • The Golden Ratio. Face.

    The Golden Ratio is approximately 1.6180339887. This number is the basic ratio of making stuff look good. It can be in Type, Buildings, Products, but most importantly its constantly seen in nature. When creating a product, I would recommend thinking about the golden ratio and how you could use it to complement the form. As part of a second year university module I applied the Golden Ratio to my class mates faces. You can see the results bellow, I have also included my own Layered TIFF with Overlay, So you see how beautiful you are.

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  • My First Real Design Project (AS)

    I have been doing some PC cleaning recently and stumbled upon these old photos. These are for a ergonomic kettle poorer. The Kettle tipper addressed the problem of not being able to get a steady flow of hot water as the kettle empted. I used a cam motion, the product didn’t really work, and was made pretty badly. This project taught me a lot, and was my first real introduction to CAD. Using Pro-Desktop for this project. A Active Prototype 3rd Angle Projection Rought CAD First Prototype, (yes. Only one!) The Final Product in all its PLY good-ness.

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  • Electrox design compertition. Redral and Lavatio.

    Lavatio: Washing Machine of the Future. Download Lavatio Overview PDF Overview. Redral: Freezer + Microwave. Download Redral PDF Overview.  

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  • A gesture based Mp3 player? 5 years old. What is Sony doing!

    I found this device today, why is that this 5 year old technology has never been used will the iPod removes Sony of PMP. Check out the pattern recognition interface, point to play.

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