• Energy Tree on MBC-TV – South Korea.

    I have recently been featured on MBC-TV the equivalent of BBC in South Korea.  I had a great time making a small working demo of the energy tree and its been a great experience to exhibit in the Hague and be broadcast on national TV.  This truly shows the power of having your portfolio on the internet. Thanks to Gina and her team for letting me put the video up here.

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  • Portfolio. Feedback and Crit.

    A key part of any design profession is the Crit. Crits are normally in an open forum and give everyone a chance to give feedback on your work.  I have created this blog post as a place where people can give me positive and negative feedback on my portfolio. P.S. In regards to spelling and copy, I’m currently working through my site.

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  • UI’s from Movies – Quantum of Solace By MK12.

    As a working interaction designer I’m always looking for inspiration that I can extend to the rest of my work.  This is my first UI’s in Movies section, and I hope to go back through and pull the best user interfaces from the world of movies. All of the UI design was done by MK12, I’m always impressed by the high quality of the images, and the detail that goes into the interface.  Personally I didn’t like the use of multitouch, but did like the use of a tangible user interface that allowed the agents to display different type of...

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  • Predictably Irrational – Designing an Irrational Experience

    Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely is the latest book I’m reading.  The book is very well written and is a easy read.  Dan explains how humans make irrational decisions that aren’t irrational at all, and are in fact that irrational behavior is predictable.  Dan uses MIT research studies to prove this.  I would highly recommend this book to designers, and experience designers as by understanding irrational behavior you can convert a great percentage to the perfect usage scenario.

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  • ActionScript 3.0 – O’Reilly

    As part of my work as an ‘interaction designer’ I have found that in I’m having to do a lot of interactive prototypes and have found flash as the most versatile tool for development.  While I already had some ActionScript experience I found that I had reached a wall with my coding. I have found these three books a great addition to any flash designer, If you can afford it, get it all. But if you can’t I could properly loose the design patterns but its a good long term investment in long term code re usability. Essential ActionScript 3.0...

    Read ActionScript 3.0 – O’Reilly
  • Interaction Design Blog

    This is a second update.. I’m aware that things around here have been pretty quite for a while.  I have a bunch of content that i’m looking to update on the site. I’m planning to make the blog more focused on Interaction Design.  I’m currently doing a lot of work that covers a broad range of interaction design issues. Most of my current work has a certain amount of IP. Although at TRIL I’m currently working on.. Designing a design process for the TRIL environment.  TRIL is unique because product creation is closely linked to academic research. You may see...

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  • IxD at TRIL. I’m Employed.

    Just a quick site update.  I have now graduated from my product design degree at Middlesex University. I have had a rapid undergrad to work transition with directly starting work after New Designers. I have now started a job as an interaction designer [ixD] at TRIL, the technology research centre of independent living.  The official blurb about tril is “The TRIL Centre is a coordinated collection of research projects addressing the physical, cognitive and social consequences of ageing, all informed by ethnographic research and supported by a shared pool of knowledge and engineering resources.”.  Its an exciting centre to work at...

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  • Group Lead Design. Innovative concepts in under 2 hours.

    As part of a Middlesex University AimHigher scheme we were asked to a 2hr workshop on ‘product design’.  This started a quick tour of the workshops, and then a brief over view of what they thought a product designer was. We then told our group of 20 students that we were going to create and develop a new and innovative concept based upon there interests.  By using the students interests we could use them to get insight into the specific project. The point of the workshop was to explain the concept development process of product design, and concept presentation aspect,...

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  • Made in Brunel. 2008 Exhibtion Review.

    On the 11th of June I visiting the 2008 Made in Brunel Graduate Exhibition at the Business Design Centre.  This is the 4th year that Brunel has branded there degree show in collaboration with HSBC.  As Brunel was one of my UCAS options, It was very interesting to see ‘what could of been’. The work was presented to a very high level, if perhaps a little corporate.  The students showed a array of work with Industrial Designers showing alongside Multimedia Designers.  There was work from the pure industrial (a house hold bio-diesel factory) to a on-line Avatar system.  There were...

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  • Philippe Starck’s – School of Design. With BBC2.

    I got this e-mail though today and wanted to let all wannabe Product design superstars of a TV opertunity. I only have limited details with the official blurb being… “Internationally renowned designer Philippe Starck will be heading up a specially created School of Design in Paris. And he’s looking for untapped design talent in the UK to be his first students. Ten aspiring designers with the talent, drive and vision to create the next ‘must have’ products of the 21st Century will be given the unique opportunity to learn and work alongside Starck and his team over a period of...

    Read Philippe Starck’s – School of Design. With BBC2.

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